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Is the driver always responsible for the accident or collapses? The injured victim might turnout being the culprit, escaping as a result of injury excuse shifting the liability of accident over driver and vehicle owner. Auto insurance is, notably, a trade & commerce segment since post world war 1 where the need of insurance exacerbated because of rash driving, rough movements and belligerent damages. 

Commuting to the present times, Auto insurance is a protection against any damage or injury to your motor vehicle mitigating and indemnifying losses to the extent of loss incurred.

Diversely, there are numerous sub policies, insurances, coverage or criteria to cover but to mention about six most prominent and common motor insurance coverage :  


liability coverage It is mandatory to purchase a minimum amount of liability coverage stipulated by state law. It covers both the third party and his assets in case of accident.
Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage It covers your therapeutic and remedial expenses in case the opposite party has no possession of insurance. Similarly, if the policy of the party hitting you is restricted to personal coverage, this policy may support you. 
Comprehensive Coverage Covers your car from abnormal factors like theft, disasters, calamities or vandalism.
Collision Coverage Damage caused by any collision or collapse arising out of any accident or wall hit is covered under this policy. It is inclusive of car repairs or equipment replacements.
Medical Payments Coverage Covers medical bills and surgery payments of the owner or passenger traumatized in the (insured) car accident.
Personal Injury Protection Like after sale service, PIP covers the leftover body injury or marks post accidents, like- child care expenses.


How much Auto Insurance Do I need?

“Save the suffice – 100/300/100”, wherein it extends to $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident in bodily injury liability and $100,000 per accident in property damage liability. 

Each state mentions its own level of insurance requirements to be quoted and owned. The book value of your vehicle, expected obsolescence and your affordability play equal shareholding in deciding the amount of auto insurance you should own. Your insurance portfolio is recommended to consolidate some supplementary coverages like comprehensive, collision and gap coverages.

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Mean Auto Insurance Premium

Auto Insurance By Age Group

Your level of experience gives you and your insurer a reliable edge about your driving technique. Novices are, all the more, in higher risk relations, perhaps, due to the superfluous skills they desire to flaunt or carelessness they are vague about. 



          16                  $5369.60
          18               $4509.16
          20s               $1898.29 
          40s               $1391.62
          60s               $1389.33


Auto Insurance By Gender

Of Course not a matter of gender inequity or orthodoxical background, Gender is only used as a ratio tool or a rating factor by Car insurance companies to assess annual rates scrapped by men and women separately.


          Male     $1443.92
          Female     $1467.38


 Auto Insurance By Credit History

Let’s say, you give standing instruction to your bank for making premium payments. A single debit transaction( premium reduction from your account) would claim your excellent credit worthiness. However, the more claims you file, the worse your credit score reflects.


                  CREDIT TIER           AVERAGE ANNUAL RATE
              Very Poor (300-579)                     $2875.31
                  Fair (580-669)                       $2278.99
                Good (740-799)                     $1832.53
              Very Good (740-799)                     $1511.33
              Exceptional (800-850)                     $1303.45


Royal Bay Insurance

Covering the liability, medication and property outlines, Royal Bay Insurance, through its Auto Insurance service, not only shapes your safety needs, hedge uncertainties, figuratively fix minimal premiums but also let you customize the policy individually to meet your exact prerequisites. 

Commercial/Business auto insurance by Royal Bay spreads its wings to professional driving, errand functions, commercial purposes and ride-sharing services giving the advantage of economics to scale to the vehicle owner. 

Apart from these, Auto Insurance is also inclusive of sub-policies like bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage.


Supplementary protective agents like glass coverage, gap insurance and many others are leaning in the insurance frame to capture the nuances, build risk coverage and give vehicle owners the culmination of compound service. So, choose your agent, file your policy and lead the relentless ride with the umbrella of safety.

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