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License Plates

An official identity carriage, Vehicle registration plates are uniquely designed with alphanumeric tailor fonts showing that your vehicle is a registered one. US also felt the need of adopting standard plate size of 6 inches by 14 inches (generalized) to enrich spacing, clarity and visibility of the significantly issued component i.e., the plate.  

Naturally, the question about what really does the alphanumeric content on normal vehicle plates indicate has a very straight and horizontal response that the first two letters shortly symbolizes the state/UT where vehicle is registered followed by the two digits of the resident district. After two other alphabets, there is a 4-digit number unique to every registered vehicle; number being a permutation from 1 to 9999.

TLC Plates Storage

The worth of a TLC Plate is actually realized when your account balance is debited by $88.50 (the expense may vary) while paying for license cost. 

When there comes a situation of occupancy standstill, you get this idea of legally storing the TLC Plate , don’t you? Of course the notion of selling it with the raw motive of making some passive dollars would strike the mind but since it is neither supported by TLC or DMV laws nor own any legal backing, the notion becomes baseless to work upon and then you land to DMV office to get your TLC Plates frozen. 

However, in case of any unforeseeable damage or confiscation, DMV office is open to help you with the case once you submit all the required application and documents.

How To Get TLC Plates?

Let’s pick up Uber taxi from the broad companies providing instant on-road travelling.

Step 1

Start developing networks and contacts with Uber greenlight hub (Uber office) to get an ease and advantage for early procedural formalities right from sign-up work, in-person support, detailing about apps and various others. Once you get a TLC base letter from the Uber office, you are required to approach a TLC broker to book your commercial insurance at the earliest after seeking information about the best TLC insurance brokers in NYC.

Step 2

Once you have possession of certificate of liability and FH-1 certificate, you are required to revert the same to the Uber office. You also need to carry either documents to carry forward the procedure : 


  • Certificate of Title, bill of sale, leasing agreement or DMV registration
  • Payment for application fee
  • $550 for vehicles with less that 500 miles
  • $625 for vehicles over 500 miles (being $25 inspection fee). 

Base letter document confirms your affiliation with the FHV you are ready to drive for. Within seven days you are required to submit your license application online at to validate your insurance cover at the time of registration.

Step 3

Within the document, do select ‘apply for a new license’ and select ‘vehicle’ and keep filling the form with upcoming instructions. After application filling and processing, you will receive a plate letter through TLC UP.

Step 4

Once you receive the plate letter, you need to head towards the DMV office to register your vehicle along with your plate letter and insurance documents. Fill up the plate notification form on TLC UP to notify the TLC of your plates about its reception.

Step 5

It’s the time to get your TLC Plates! Check out your mail section. TLC is required to send you plate letter which you can later take from any NYC DMV office within 20 days thereafter.

After end to end completion of Plate Notification Form through TLC UP, you get an inspection appointment which you need to carry to the inspection location. After thorough inspection about the proper presence of the Vision Zero sticker on your windshield and other ruling requirements, your inspection section ends. 

TLC plate

Royal bay Insurance

Royal bay insurance agency is the most easily approaching and assisting place you can rush to book your quote. Since NYC TLC is now accepting new TLC plates for electric vehicle and wheelchair accessible vehicles, Royal bay insurance is all set to help you obtain one.


An inseparable part of your commercial (or private) vehicle, TLC plates requirements are touching sky in order to meet TLC rules and laws. Your TLC plates can be put to storage and can be reissued and replaced in case of urgent need by its customer. Have an early possession of the plate to remain away from clutches of the law and for an easy-going job.



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