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Vehicle Insurance

Ensure safety before picking purchase duty! Vehicle insurance is the protection coverage against any risk of damage, unexpected obsolescence, thievery, irreparable and mechanical disturbances, and any other intrinsic hazard giving you sufficient leverage to claim your property right and evacuate the investment involved. 

Specifically, vehicle insurance own the following types :

  • Collision Coverage: It provides coverage against the harm caused to the enclosed content while transportation.
  • Collision damage waiver: This insurance policy is responsible for covering unpredictable financial mishaps to the insured rental vehicle.
  • GAP Insurance: This vehicle insurance is a supplement over the existing insurance such that it covers the remaining loss arising from any accidental damage after getting the initial compensation amount from the insurer.
  • No-fault Insurance : One of the most flexible insurance types, No-fault insurance pays compensation to the insured party at the time of loss irrespective of the cause of loss.

Truck Insurance Queens

Constituting a major content carrier and significant handy help for the transportation agency, Trucks are subjected to multiple insurance coverage attributes to boost risk holding, bearing, and covering factors in case of any uncertain occurrence. To rationalize a few :

i) Primary Liability – The primary accountability while driving is the road safety and people walking, trodding, or traveling around and along. This coverage option defends and covers any damage made to the opposite party. 

ii) Comprehensive Physical Damage and Collision Coverage – This coverage is made to protect your truck against any physical damage and replacement due to collision, fire, or windstorm.

iii) Motor Truck Cargo Coverage – This coverage type deals with shifting standards i.e, the value of any damage or theft to cargo while the journey is compensated by this coverage policy, thus allowing the driver to remain unblamed.

iv) General Liability – The vehicle may be subjected to damage even in its garage involving no operation. General liability generalizes its policy by giving a stand for your vehicle if it’s damaged within the premises or because of any contract noncompliance with your former insurance deal. 

v) Bobtail Coverage – The non-trucking liability or bobtail coverage allows you to own limited liability insurance for an owner-operator who is permanently leased to an ICC-regulated carrier, providing coverage when the owner-operator is neither on dispatch nor pulling a loaded trailer.

Exposure to Truckers 

Besides the truck acting as a cynosure or center of coverage, there are several other risk-related elements which are an indirect pathway to destruction. Truckers are exposed to multiple risks at once or in the period being. Commercial auto exposure, property exposure, crime exposure, inland marine exposure, premise liability exposure, environmental liability exposure, and workmen compensation exposure are some of the most prevalent risks radiating its effects. To specify a few :

Commercial auto exposure: In the course of lifting, reloading, or drawing down the cargo, the laborers (be it a child or adult) are exposed to mishandling, disbalancing, or uneven ridges or cuts in the body sometimes, becoming a cause of serious injury. 

Therefore, truck driving and cargo lifting, in the first place, demands a valid commercial driver’s license for firm and legal backing. Training, dexterity, and practice shall go hand in hand thereafter. This should be accompanied by a driver’s drug test and should be subjected to regulatory limits.

Property Exposure: Depending upon the property or assets you own, you need to make adequate provisions to keep it safe throughout the journey without letting even a dent of damage strap your goods. Of course, if the cargo in the truck is of combustible nature it is highly exposed to fire and burns, perhaps due to uneven temperature, volatile nature of goods, etc. Gasoline and diesel fuels can also add to the extremity! 

Thus, it demands proper air passage alignment and systematic arrangement of goods to avoid internal strikes.

Crime exposure: For the factor service truck drivers provide, they expect factor payment. The insecurity lies in the degree of honesty a truck driver holds towards its agency. There are several recurring transactions between the agency and customer with the driver being an intermediate.

Right from filing vouchers, transferring the record of audits & bills, holding orders, involved in distribution and disbursements, and every intermediate activity, the agency requires a trustworthy and reliable driver to hand duties to, to avoid any theft of customer property and assets and ensure safe & secure service.

Royal Bay Insurance

Be it mini, light or medium truck, Royal Bay Insurance provides you all the coverages against monetary losses, financial or truck physical damage and unforeseen liabilities arising out of inevitable circumstances. Its Truck Insurance is accompanied with relentless claim assistance, add-ons and numerous other service facilities giving you the finest service of all times. 

From economical truck insurance cost, safety assurance of motor truck cargo, numerous claim covers and immediate truck repair provisions, Royal bay Insurance covers risk of owner, goods and vehicle.


Loss bears no footsteps. Accidents, damages and disasters can knock and disrupt the assets at any place and pace. This seemingly improbable probability needs urgent attention in terms of risk coverage and policy issuance. Get your Truck Insured at the right moment to get immediate coverage, avoiding any and every deprivation!

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