Uber Insurance Queens

A brim to hedging and speculation, Uber insurance refers to the policy of risk management in case of any forfeiture, impairment, larceny, or any other relative asset loss in return of assured and timely premium payment.

What does Uber Insurance Cover? 

With the most exemplary pre & post hand service with additional leverage of insurance provisions, Uber provides you with third-party liability coverage in case your personal auto insurance does not apply. This includes: 

  • $50,000 in bodily injury per person
  • $100,000 in bodily injury per accident 
  • $25,000 in property damage per accident.

Simultaneously or consecutively, it also provides accident coverage during trips or while picking/dropping :

$1,000,000 third party liability: Third party liability is a significant clause covering the damage and expense of a third party (not Uber and its driver).

Uninsured motorist bodily injury:  Although optional, this insurance cover is very defined and definite coverage one should own! It needs two to tango but sometimes, the misleads of the opposite party can be heavier than yours, thereby causing accidents. This insurance policy covers the expenses of the Uber driver and his passenger in case the fault is of the opposite party and he does not have any insurance backing to pay or compensate for.

Contingent comprehensive and collision provisions: Collision refers to any hits, strikes, or damage made to your Uber by the opposite party. Uber, in this regard, provides full coverage to physical destruction caused. Comprehensive refers to risk coverage in dynamic times. However, your bank account should be sufficed with at least $2500 which is needed to be paid beforehand for such coverage. This is an optional policy.

    Uber Insurance For Drivers

    Drivers are at the major stand to handle responsibility, risk (and ultimately reward). Uber insurance for drivers holds a few hierarchical periods given below : 

    Period 0 : Insurance policy covering or protecting your car while you are away from duty. 

    Period 1: It is a period between you entering into your job mood i.e, activating your app but waiting for any ride request. Here, you get liability coverage. 

    Period 2 : This is a period next to the previous one where you are active on the app and is up to consider and connect with your fare. Here, you get Uber coverage.

    Period 3 : End of the cycle to rebegin, here your app is activated, driving in continuation and customer along to be dropped at his specific place. The coverage is now expanded to the passenger along with Uber driver and vehicle.

    How long does it take for Uber to approve Insurance?

    For a commercial vehicle driving, you necessarily need to own permission in terms of license approval, insurance policy, identification card, and many other relative needs to qualify as a legit driver driving in New York City. So is the activation process for Uber to approve your documents and sanction you the authority to drive. 

    The maximum time activation process takes is seven days (and roughly a day time minimally). First of all, you need to send a valid CNH (national qualification card) with the observation “Exercise Paid Duty”. These documentations will be reviewed by the team within a day or two (may also elongate to three days). 

    After the approval, there is a security verification process. After the process is completed, you are informed by email or phone call.

    Although you are ready to drive after all aforementioned document detailing, review and approval there remains a screening process right before you accept any customer for the fare.  

    Here, you are tested on a background basis conducted by Checkr (Uber’s third-party background check provider). You also need to provide a valid social security number and a valid US driver’s license to Uber.

    Checkr judges you on the grounds of : 

    Motor Vehicle Report – Some mandatory requirements to get a driving authority in the US are three years of driving experience if your age is below 23 and one years of licensed driving experience. Even after holding these conditions upright, your driving history must be clear without large rules violations or rash driving. No-fault accidents may also lead to disqualification. 

    Criminal Background Check – Your year-long experience would fail if you have any delinquent records like sexual assaults, violent crimes, felonies, or some other crime scenes deemed to break laws and regulations of the country.

    Royal Bay Insurance

    Risk management is the culmination of contingency and mitigation. Better the reserve settlement, finer the risk coverage. Better the loss reduction, lesser the commercial or community destruction. 

    Royal Bay Insurance not only manages your risk factors but also gives you all and timely (in fact quick) service to indemnify you at its best. It has solutions for all commercial vehicles be it Uber, Juno, and Lyft functioning as a risk absorber and compensatory return reflector.


    Uber, being one of the highly popped and preferably picked up vehicles, is growing both in personal as well as professional demand. Seek a subtly cost or quoted Uber Insurance to fix your needs and for following systematic & regulatory rideshare policies.