Seguro De Taxi En New York

What is Taxi Insurance?

“Taxi!” The first click your mind strikes in your brain when you see a yellow color vehicle passing on either side of the Zebra crossing edge. Whom can you stand responsible if this Taxi mistakenly takes a wrong U-turn, steer the right side without an indicator, or makes a backward move without any gesture and indication causing a crash? 

The opportunity cost is unpredictable accidents and natural loss like theft or pilferage your taxi is equally subjected to. All of these prompt a haste yet hassle-free action of Taxi Insurance

Taxi Insurance is a policy designed to protect your commercial vehicle against aforesaid situations. This insurance covers all ifs and buts right from motor insurance to passenger liability leaving no stone unturned in its safety provisions. You further get the option to customize and add policies that suit your requirements.

Taxi Insurance Cost

More an investment than a premium cost, Taxi Insurance is, indeed, an asset for your commercial line wholly or partly sharing your passenger and vehicle’s responsibility and reimbursing the claim at the need of the hour.

The safer you drive, the better the cost reduction ladder of “no claim discount” you receive. No claim discount means some part of your insurance cost is cut off for payment if you don’t make any claim that year and consequently you are entitled to one more year of no claim discount. This is a recurring process depending upon your insurance years, provided you comply with the aforementioned situation. 

For hire vehicle insurance or particularly, Taxi insurance can range between $3000 to $10000 per year, premium payment mechanism being a sole decision of your income nature.

To clarify a few factors which make a big difference in your insurance cost & policy are :

  • Driver age
  • Annual Mileage of Taxi
  • Driver’s driving History
  • Location where Taxi mostly operates
  • Age of Vehicle
  • Chosen coverage amount

Although the insurance rates would vary if these factors carve a different clinch, say the vehicle is depreciated due to its 12-year regular usage, but Taxi And Limousine Commission has actualized a minimum cover level which accounts for $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence with addition to $200,000 personal injury protection.

Taxi Insurance Quotes

What your insurance policy would cost depends upon whether it is a public hire vehicle or a private hire vehicle. As the name suggests, public hire taxis are not subjected to any pre-booking and are called for by the passerby; well understandable how day-night it needs to travel to get passengers! 

On the other hand, private hire taxis would require a pre-booking and they don’t bear a “taxi” sign as a cap over their head. While purchasing your quote, there are some gentle yet prerequisite standards which you should consider inclusive to your policy : 

    i) Provision for claims that your passengers backfire against you.

   ii) Provision for taxi usage on the personal front by you and your family.

  iii) Provision for any technical breakdowns during the journey.

  iv) Provision for other taxi equipment obsolescence or damage and legal expenses coverage.

booking your taxi insurance

Insurance For Taxi Cab

The choice for your auto insurance should expand to all subtle and selective sections which would require assurance in terms of finance and functionality. On average, your auto insurance should encompass the following types for your taxi :

  • Liability Insurance – This insurance type is a conventional security source saving you when you and your taxi gets injured due to your negligence. This insurance also covers court or legal fees if the victim accuses you. 
  •   Bodily Injury – This type covers medical bills and body injury expenses for all the parties involved.
  • Property Damage – Be it your vehicle or the opposite party’s, this type covers any and every physical destruction made to the vehicle(s). It covers repair and maintenance costs.
  • Medical Payments – This acts as coverage for your medical payments when you face accidental damages due to the opposite party.
  • Physical Damage Insurance – Improbability is a next-moment occurrence! A prior security provision is always a wise decision to save your taxi from vandalism, impairment, or theft.

Royal Bay Insurance 

Error free claim settlement process, Royal Bay insurance offers you a pathless facility to book your taxi insurance slab right from your couch to avoid or abate the quantum damage, irresistible intricacies, hauling destruction and personal accidents.

It acts as a pillar for compensating you for the risk and safeguard against the damage caused, giving finest add-ons and some optional coverage suiting your budget and need.


Involuntary damages expect voluntary recovery which is possible only by risk consideration and vigilant actions. Taxi insurance today can give you the safest road trip tomorrow. Choose making an informed decision!