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Within the digitised era of globalisation and financial engagements complemented by risk factors, there’s a continuing fear of loss of private assets, pooled funds and professional earnings.

Hitherto both, the fear of unexpected loss and reimbursement is roofed by the Insurance Sector.

Owing the title of 1 of the best cities with excellent insurance brokers, here may be a list with a subtle gist of a couple of TLC insurance brokers in NYC providing best services around the world.

What comes under TLC insurance?

Liability coverage : Also called Property damage, Liability coverage is a part of general insurance and covers the costs and claims of the insured party.

Personal injury protection : Also called no-fault insurance, Personal injury protection covers medical bills, lost wages and rehabilitation costs after a car accident, regardless of whoever is guilty.

Uninsured Motorist coverage : Uninsured motorist refers to a driver without automobile insurance. During this case, this coverage pays for the damage, medical expenses and sufferings up to the limit of the policy.

Why should I own TLC insurance?

In New York City, if you are an employee of a commercial private transportation industry, you hold the authority to legally operate a taxi only after getting it insured. TLC requirement states that each one certified drivers are sure to carry a minimum level of liability insurance.

Moreover, on the private front, it gives leverage to the earnings of the drivers as they need not spend their dollars (which can be highly expensive) on account of any damage or collision.

In addition to this, the passengers also feel secure, sighing over the very fact that their driver is certified and holds a license also as insurance cover.

TLC insurance brokers

Is TLC insurance expensive in NYC?

Let’s take the insurance cost of a vehicle with a capaciousness of 1-8 seats.

Following is the specified insurance coverage cost which drivers need to pay for the insurance policy.


Liability coverage per person $100,000 Mandatory
Liability coverage per person $300,000 Mandatory
Personal injury protection $200,000 Mandatory
Property damage $10,000 Mandatory


Royal Bay Insurance:

Matchless B2C virtual insurance service provider with highest inclination towards transportation industry, Royal Bay Insurance provides equally great service and is scaling heights in housing, business and commercial insurance.

Its core foundation is top-notch professional conduct and end to finish before and after sales services which are both quick and efficient.

Why should you choose Royal Bay Insurance above the rest?

Cost effective and customer-friendly, Royal Bay insurance ensures suitability in its policies and transparency in its functions.

Specific specialisations (like royal bay insurance for Uber/Juno/Lyft) also enhance its influence on market and clientele support. The added advantage of Royal Bay insurance app (accessible via play store/apple store) serves both service provider and seeker, easing their efforts and eliminating redundant time and price involved.

The app facilitates quick documents delivery in mobile/tablet after formality completion . Thus Royal Bay insurance, by virtue of its hardcore service, is edging higher ladders in corporate competition and is about to ace the market share within the coming years.

Why is Royal Bay insurance most reliable and selective?

Providing multiple services over the years and capturing large market leadership, the purchasers of Royal Bay Insurance remark their insurance broker service is exceptional under very fine brokerage and low cost.

They leave no chances of complaints and supply professional support from all means and ends. They exhibit great teamwork and staff support, holding a quick problem solving approach.

Be it a private client, employee, agent or an outsized business owner, Royal Bay insurance is the most considerate and worthy brokerage company to deal with.


Owing the title of 1 of the best cities with excellent insurance brokers, here may be an inventory with a subtle gist of a few varied TLC insurance brokers in NYC providing best services round the world.

i) A&Y Royal Insurance :

With exceptional service at place and unbeatable leverage, average cost and returns, A&Y Royal Insurance provides you most effective and righteous insurance policies in Taxi, Limo, Auto, Uber and other commercial as well as non commercial domains.

ii) Main Street Property and Casualty :

Main Street P & C is one of the oldest and widely experienced insurance brokers providing coverage for property and casualty.

Setting and serving insurance packages as per customers requirements, Main Street owes diversity in its deals and offers various types of insurance like home, car, rental, etc.

iii) Innovate Insurance policy :

IIP insurance agent claims high class provision of coverage at economical prices.

It holds a favourable financial edge and is an independent agent providing relentless insurance service with specialisation in auto, life and umbrella insurance.

iv) Green Dart Insurance :

Besides providing excellent insurance service, GD TLC insurance broker enjoys great credibility and market share thanks to its fantastic after sales service.

They are known for providing absolute worthy policies for best prices and are one among the foremost trusted insurance brokers.

v) Omega Insurance :

Yet one more multifaceted TLC insurance broker , Omega aims to supply unparalleled insurance service to its clients.

Its performance with tremendous client base and efficient manpower make it a prospective investment avenue!


With the emerging state of trade and commerce, the Insurance sector is also showing great leaps from both ends and is all-set to pace with the growing trend in the coming years, in response to high needs and demand of the people for safety and rules & regulation.

TLC Insurance

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