FHV Vehicle License Storage

What is FHV license storage?

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission has made a provision of putting your vehicle’s license in the storage for a 180 day tenure provided that you are not operating your vehicle. License, standing as an essentially powerful proof for your FHV vehicle identity, is a must carry self-claim authority along. 

How should I Put my TLC for-hire-vehicle license in Storage?

TLC grants only a one time permission for putting your license in storage. Needless to worry about the compliance and fee as it is not mandatory to put your license in storage giving you a smooth edge over your continuous operation and job. Also, TLC does not demand any fee for license storage, again, giving its customers leverage to store their license in the trough occupation seasons.

Following is detailed information to coat clarity about ‘how to put TLC FHV license in storage?’ :

i) Department of motor Vehicles (DMV) is the sole authority for registering vehicles, issuing licenses, processing storage requirements and many others in the same row. As such, your first move should be to surrender your TLC plate to the DMV. 

ii) You are, afterwhich, provided with a form with some mutual compliance and Terms & Conditions for the upcoming proceedings requiring you to fill up section 1 & section 2.

iii) You are then required to mail the filled up form to the FHV website after proper scanning. 

You, thus, inform DMV that the TLC decals have been removed and are eligible for putting your license in storage.

license storage


How can I remove my TLC For-hire-vehicle from storage? 

Although you are supposed to deposit your TLC plates but if it still remains with you while your vehicle license is in storage, you can go for the alternatives where in you are required to fill section 3 of FHV storage request form, ask for the updated insurance certificate from the broker you are in touch with and then mail the certificate along with FHV request form to FHV website for removing your license from storage after due inspection. 

The similar procedure would entail post your tlc plate surrender. Only you need to complete the transfer application for getting new plates and later, catch hold of appointments at the TLC office for renewal and reception of new TLC plates.

FHV License storage

If you find 130 days are way enough for a long sitting at a place and want to switch back to job i.e.  want to get license back from storage before 180 days completion, you are at liberty to withdraw your license back from storage with the underlying condition that the license cannot be shifted back to storage once scrapped.

Be sure to surrender only custom plates at the DMV office; for the standard vehicle plates are not subtly processed or assessed and can be destroyed.

How can I replace my personalized plates?

DMV has made provisions for renewal, remakes or reimbursements in case of need by its customer. Let’s say, your personalized plate needs to be exchanged with a clearer and newer one because it can no longer provide utility. 

For this, you can approach the custom plates unit at their customized time and get the proceedings and formalities done for renewal applications ahead. There is also equal occupancy for Excelsior style which you can enquire at the same place. 

If your idea is inclined towards purchasing an altogether new vehicle, you can contact the DMV office and get personalized plates transferred to the new vehicle once it is registered.

To be precise and specific about the pandemic time, TLC, for the time being, is limiting its new FHV licenses issuance for wheelchair accessible vehicles. The time boundaries and external commitments brings all the services for common people to a near standstill; starting super soon once the situations normalize.


TLC has rigid rules for vehicle license and you cannot operate a vehicle on road unless it is registered ; deeming a car race or public travel is indeed a far-sighted thought if the vehicle is not legally eligible for transportation purpose (has license). 

Another most important requirement is the insurance of FHV vehicles not only for the safety of your front and back seat passengers but as a protective and persuasive repo presenting the worth it offers by virtue of its relentless services.

One of the best TLC insurance services you get in New York city is by Royal Bay insurance giving you end to end service along with relentless after sales services.



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