How To Get TLC Insurance In NYC?

US rules mandate insurance of the vehicles of commercial vehicle drivers. These rules not only provide coverage for the safety needs of passengers but also save the drivers from paying unintentional liability costs in case of any mishap. 

Therefore, the first step of every driver heads towards choosing the right insurance policy for their taxi and limousines and own license plates for legal backing.

How To Purchase TLC Insurance In NYC?

With the revolution in dealings and introduction of the digital era, the insurance sector, too, is growing at a rapid pace. Before 2018, (to-be) insured parties had to undergo lengthy process filing documents, verifying details, analyzing quotes, finalizing deals and then purchasing the policy.

However, with the launch of various online mobile app, customers can easily buy insurance within minutes by simply filling up a form querying about name, phone no., address, etc. Here you possess your quote!

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What Is The Cost Of TLC Insurance In NYC?

Cost of policy is the most prominent aspect which customers are keen to know about. Well, the cost of every insurance is measured considering the following :

  • Number of years you have driven rideshare taxi
  • how is your previous record portfolio
  • you have / don’t have any police citations
  • type of vehicle you possess

Further details which you shall provide are about

  • TLC license/plate.
  • Driving and accident history.
  • Vehicle details
  • TLC base card

What Is FHV?

FHV refers to for-hire vehicles which are mainly a type of super class license issued by Taxi and Limousine commission (TLC).

What Are The Classes Of FHV Services?

  • Black Cars
  • Community Car service (also known as Livery)
  • Luxury Limousine

Although all the 3 provide similar service but there is an inch of difference which they share against each other.

In black car segment, above 90% payment is received in non-cash form. Most app based companies like Uber, Lyft and Gett are licensed as Black Car Bases and drivers affiliate with these bases to provide on-demand rides.

In the Livery vehicles segment, also called car vehicles in the New York city, there are no such restrictions regarding fare payments.

What Is Uber Insurance?

In this revolutionary hour, passengers prefer taxis and Uber for variable ( be it short or long) distances rather than purchasing or spending dollars on their own cars, repairing, maintenance and its other costs.

Uber is a quick passenger vehicle connecting the driver and traveller.

It’s great to be an Uber driver in New York as Uber is mandatorily licensed by the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) and holds commercial insurance with drivers minting stupendous earnings.

Which Class Of Insurance Coverage Is Required By Uber?

Apart from TLC plates, registration and license requirements, Uber is required to hold black car insurance coverage.

Like every other insurance coverage, Uber too needs to meet the insurance cost criteria set as

$100,000 per person

$300,000 per accident

$200,000 per injury protection

These are the standardized and minimum requirements to be met by Uber (car) owners with 1-8 seats.

Several New York based insurance companies have scaled great heights and now are making insurance supply easier, accessible and more approachable.

If you want to purchase TLC insurance by its app, you are required to download the app, need to scan the back of your TLC license and vehicle registration, and enter your phone number. It’s extremely helpful saving your time, cost and efforts and assisting elimination of redundant repeated activities.

After your information is entered, you get a quote right then and there, and when you purchase insurance, your policy documents are delivered right to your phone or tablet.

You are also provided a helpline number below the bars and can be approached when needed.


Purchasing TLC insurance is mandatory on the professional part and equally safe on the driver’s part. It not only ensures legality in driving and protection of back-front passengers but also adds to smoothness in commercial and personal functioning with support to overall welfare. So, book your slots now!

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